Timo loves film making. Something about the power of storytelling through moving pictures, music, dialogue, sound and special effects that is curious and captivating. The revolutions in film-making technology, like FinalCutPro, have leveled the playing field, lowering the bar of entry to all who have a vision and desire to tell stories in the digital age. Many of Timo’s short films and project can be seen at VIMEO.COM, and some like the full-length documentary about his family entitled Extraordinarily Ordinary and other film festival winners remain off-line for copyright purposes.


teaching film making

OUTSIDE THE BOX, a non-profit creative entity promoting learning in under-served communities, collaborated with TimoNanda to create a after-school film program where students learned the history and possibilities of film. Timo’s hands-on course walked student through the process of making film from the intitial concept to the finished product. In this way the students learned first hand that actual film-making is boring, thrilling, complicated, simple and wonderful.



celebrating film-making

Ann Keniston & TimoNanda Elliott founded the SECRET INTERNATIONAL ARTS & FILM FESTIVAL as a way to bring the fun and friendly connection back to the film-fest experience. The (secret) semi-annual festival focuses mostly on the under-appreciated works of Los Angeles film-makers and their artist friends in Berlin, Tel Aviv and Portland. The festival is by invitation only and is held in an new undisclosed location from year to year. Camping and cookouts are involved.



Working on film crews, editing other people’s projects and making his own films has been a longtime passion for TimoNanda. Film festival winners include THE DAY WE WERE (a Project) and EXTRAORDINARILY ORDINARY. Timo has worked at the Boston Film/Video Foundation, the ICA/Boston (as video curator assistant) and as an independent Director/Producer. Consider collaborating with Timo on your next project.