The Edgartown public Library is proud to present the eclectic new work by Island artist, TimoNanda Elliott at the Public Gallery located with-in the new library complex. Timo’s ongoing fascination with the ancient Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, and his commitment to share its core principles with others, inspired him to make a proposal to the art selection committee to explore this concept in a visual way, and the board voted unanimously to present the artist during their busiest time of the year, August.
WabiSabi is a concept, an aesthetic, and a worldview. Simply put, its an “intuitive way of living that emphasizes finding beauty in imperfection, and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay.” Timo first learned about wabi~sabi in a little book written by Dianne Durston entitled, “WABI SABI the art of everyday living” nearly 15 years ago. One can see the influence of the ideas in play in the artist’s work, some of which hints of Robert Rauschenberg’s assemblages, as well as a painting style can be both playful and skillful. The exhibition opens with a bash on Friday August 3 (between 5-7pm) and runs through the 30th of the month.

In conjunction with this exhibition a workshop exploring classic Japanese haiku in translation by Basho and Issa, and also contemporary poets writing haiku-like poems in English, will be presented at the library later in the month, with in-class writing exercises. More information about the artist, his work and this special one-man exhibition can be found at